Yesterday, I borrowed books from the Kawaguchi city library.
The books I borrowed was “Sofie’s World.” Of course in
Japanese. They are books about philosophy, published about
10 years ago. I know it was a best seller at that time.

Sofie’s World

When I was a child, I went to a library quite often. During
summer vacation, I went to the library several times a week.
The library was a few minutes away from my house by cycle.

For more than 10 years, I hadn’t borrowed books from the
city library. These days I go to the city libraries a few times
a year. Because there were quite a few books that I wanted
to read. I wanted to read treatise on computer software.

But in recent years, I have read business related books. And
these days, I think I need more culture related things. I don’t
want to be just a geek.

Anyway, the library was nice. The library was moved to the
current place last year. It was the first time for me to go to
the library. It is located next to JR Kawaguchi station.
It may be difficult to sense the buautifulness of the library
on the picture in the page below, but it was pretty nice.

Cupo la

I’m thinking I’m changing fitness clubs to Tipness Kawaguchi.
It’s next to the library. It seems great combination for me
to spend my spare time there.