I went to Tipness last Friday. So far, I have been
to Fitness Club Tokyo Dome. This club is in the same
building as Spa Laqua. You can use Spa Laqua if you
have gold membership. I think this is the most biggest
advantage in this club. Of couse, you have to pay much…

On that day, I went to Tipness One Ikebukuro, and I
became a member of it. Tipness is one of the biggest
chain club in Kantou. You can use any clubs if you have
above a certain level of membership. For example,
I registered in Tipness One Ikebukuro, but I can use
Tipness Kawaguchi, Tipness One Hibiya, Tipness Shibuya,
and so on.

I was surprized that in almost every points, Tipness was
better than Fitness Club Tokyo Dome. I was impressed
that Tipness is specialized for this area, for their profession.
On the other hand, the club at Tokyo Dome is part of the
business of Kourakuen. It may not be their main stream

I’ll quit the former club next month. It’s a pity for me that
I can’t use Spa Laqua without additional fee. But I think
it’s right decision to change the clubs.