I bought EM-ONE yeaterday. It’s a cell phone specialized for
data communication. It has wide display and full keyboard. In
addition to cell phone network, it can use wirelesslan.

The cell phone operator company is e-mobile. They started
the service on March 31st. There has been no new cell
phone operator in Japan for 13 years. One of the most
delightful characteristics they give us is fixed charge.
You can use your cell phone as much as you like in a fixed
price per month.

Their operation cost must be cheap. Because
- All the user is in fixed charge. Their account management
and billing system must be simple.
- The identification certificate is credit card when a user
make a contract with them. It makes a cost of contracting
with a user low. And they have minimum personal information
of users. It means they are safer than other carriers when
they leak users’ personal information.

And other points are
- Their area map is conservative. Most of users were not
disappointed with the area.
- All of users use the mobile terminals for data communication.
When there’s no signal, I think many users will understand the
situation. Voice users of other carriers must be disappointed
or angry.

Finally, I’m writing this entry using EM-ONE. I like this.