Kindle paperwhite を普通にセットアップすると に登録される。Kindle Store は US と JP で分かれているため、これまで で購入してきた Kindle Store のコンテンツを Kindle paperwhilte で読むことができない。

そこで Amazon は、ライブラリの結合という手段を用意している。 の Manege your Kindle ページに行くと

Great news! You can now shop for Kindle titles at Consolidate your libraries and manage them from Change your preferred shopping site to the Kindle Store to shop for Japanese titles in Yen (¥).


面倒だなと思いながら(英語で)メールを送ると、数時間で返事が来た。電話かチャットで解決したいとのこと。電話の場合、番号を伝えると Amazon からかけてくれる仕組みだが、アメリカやカナダなど、数カ国しか対象になっていない。そこでチャットすることにした。

You are now connected to Xxxx from Me:Hi, I'm a kindle paperwhite owner in Japan. I'd like to consolidate my account and account. but i got an error when i tried to. can you help me? Xxxx:Hello -----, my name is Xxxx. I'd be glad to help you. Just to make sure, you want to consolidate your to on your kindle account? Me:Hi Xxxx, thank you for your response. Yes, I want to consolidate .com and accounts. To use contents purchased on .com account on my new kindle paper white. Xxxx:Oh, I see. I'm glad to inform you that we have a separate department for kindle and I'm very much willing to connect you to our kindle support team so they could help you with that. Me:Thanks! Xxxx:You're welcome. Let me now go ahead and connect you. Me:Sure. thank you. Xxxx:You're welcome. Please stay on the line, I am now connecting you. A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment. You are now connected to Yyyy from Yyyy:Hello, My name is Yyyy. I'll be glad to help you today. Me:Hello, My name is ------- -------. Nice to see you. Yyyy:Hi -----. Glad to meet you too. Thank you for trying to link up your Amazon accounts with the information provided on the help pages. I am checking on this issue. Please be on hold. Me:Sure. Yyyy:May I know what is the email address that you use to login to our web site? Me:I'm using ---------@------.-- for both and But passwords are different. Yyyy:Okay. Thank you for confirming. Thank you. Your accounts are linked. Please check your account library now. Me:Oh, I've checked it now. And I see my kindle contents are combined. Thank you for your help. Yyyy:Pleasure. Is there anything else that I can be of assistance further today? Me:No. I'm OK, and very happy. See you! Yyyy:Glad to know so. Take care. k you for contacting Amazon. We hope to see you again. Thank you. Bye. Me:bye! Yyyy from has left the conversation.

5分ほどで、アカウントのリンクが完了した。Amazon は直接コンタクトするのが難しい会社だという印象を持っていたのだが、思った以上にサポートのレスポンスがいい。